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Baby weaning bowl

Your baby’s weaning shopping list

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    You’re weaning your baby! Congratulations, it’s quite a milestone in your little one’s life. As well as the food to buy, here’s a few ideas and tips to add to the list next time you’re at the supermarket. There are always cheaper options, so don’t feel pressured to go for the top brands. You’ll be amazed at the quality second-hand baby stuff that’s out there on Freecycle and local Facebook groups. Your friends and family might have lots of hand-me-downs just waiting to be used too!

    Here’s the list

    Mum preparing baby weaning food with baby in her arms
    • Handheld blenders are great for mashing up food, but you could save money and use your handheld potato masher. It’s great for the biceps!

    • Bowls with suction cups on the bottom, that will stop your little one from decorating the walls with spag bol!

    • Small and rubber-tipped spoons great for when your little one’s teeth and gums might be a little sore.

    • If you want to splash out, there are spoons out there which change colour if the food is too hot (they really should call them Goldilocks spoons).

    • Bibs which can catch the food and stop it from going all over your little one – saves hours in clearing up, although the mess is all part of the fun, right?

    • Reusable tubs and pots with sealable lids are great when you’re out and about (just make sure they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe).

    • An insulated bag - handy for popping some food in when little one is visiting (or maybe even staying overnight) at granny and grandad’s house.

    • Ice cube trays – convenient for freezing individual portions.

    • Baby open cup or free flow beaker, helps to avoid too many spillages

    • Floor coverings – you’ll thank us when you’re clearing up that apple puree!

    • A high-chair, an essential item, and once your baby gets older, you might want to think about a baby booster seat; it means you can all sit around the table as a family!

    • Finally, enjoy the baby weaning food experience. Your baby will let you know which foods they like and don’t like, but don’t give up too soon on any particular food item. It can take everyone a while to get used to broccoli and sprouts after all!

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