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Mum watching baby play with a ball

Celebrating your baby’s development, from the little steps to the big milestones

Just like you we think baby & toddler development is amazing…. and a lot of fun. We understand the nutrition they need so they can confidently take all those little steps, as they develop into their own unique little person. Watching your little one try new things is a true delight, who knew emptying your Tupperware cupboard would be so entertaining?

Drawing of baby playing in a park

We’re taking little steps towards a brighter future

We’re taking little steps to help take care of the planet, by planting trees around the world and introducing new lids & scoops for our powdered milk products.

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Drawing of an eco-friendly world


We believe that we should help take care of our amazing planet. As a step toward this, we have partnered with Tree Nation to plant trees around the world.

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Little Steps baby milks & snacks

LITTLE STEPS® baby milks & snacks Product Finder

Here for the little steps, the big steps and everything in-between. LITTLE STEPS® Milk & Snacks Range, helping to set your baby on the right track towards a bright future.

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SMA® Nutrition

We’re part of the SMA® Nutrition family and are supported by their expertise and knowhow about all things baby nutrition.

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