Toddler meal planner

Our handy meal planner for toddlers for every day of the week with some practical meal ideas and tips to make them a little easier

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Our handy meal planner for toddlers for every day of the week with some practical meal ideas and tips to make them a little easier

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As well as 3 meals, offer your toddler 2 snacks and six to eight drinks a day

Make food friendly by serving mini bite-size pieces


Mix up favourite dishes by swapping regular fruit and veg for new, exciting ones

Get your toddler to help make the dishes so food becomes fun

 Toddler playing with food during mealtime

It can be tricky to come up with a range of healthy meals your toddler will enjoy. So, here’s a handy weekly meal planner with practical tips, and nutritious suggestions for you to try.

As well as a balanced diet, it’s also important that your little one have six to eight drinks to stay properly hydrated. For more advice on what they should be eating, read our tips on a healthy toddler diet.


  • Breakfast – Porridge with milk and raisins. Adding raisins to cereal is better for little teeth – as sugary snacks can stick to teeth and encourage decay
  • Snack 1 – 1/4 to 1 fruit scone with butter and a beaker of milk
  • Lunch – 1/4 to 1/2 of a medium sized jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn
  • Snack 2 – Soft or cooked vegetable sticks with bread fingers and a plain yoghurt dip. Once your toddler is older and can chew better, introduce raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, celery and peppers
  • Dinner – Lasagne with sauce made from tomatoes, courgette, mushrooms and beef or lentils. For a nice twist, try strips of courgette or aubergine instead of pasta


  • Breakfast – 1/4 to 1 English muffin with sardines and a beaker of milk. Instead of sardines you could try beans or scrambled eggs
  • Snack 1 – 1 to 3 crackers and with mini cheese triangles
  • Lunch – Beef or lentil chilli with rice. Turn leftover Bolognese sauce into a chilli by adding beans and a bit of paprika and cumin
  • Snack 2 – 1/2 to 1 hot cross bun with butter and chopped grapes
  • Dinner – Couscous with mixed vegetables cooked in a knob of butter, and a beaker of milk to drink


  • Breakfast – ½ to 1+1/2 wheat biscuit with milk and frozen forest fruits
  • Snack 1 – fruit kebab. Banana chunks and halved grapes
  • Lunch – minestrone soup with pasta shapes and veg e.g. carrots, tomatoes, spinach, with a ½ to ¾ wholemeal roll
  • Snack 2 - homemade apricot flapjacks with a beaker of milk
  • Dinner – Spanish omelette with eggs, potato, cheese, ham and side salad


  • Breakfast – Pre-made pots of plain, unsweetened yoghurt with fruit compote. Make the compote by simmering down apples and pears
  • Snack 1 – 1/2 to 1 rice cake with mashed banana and a beaker of milk
  • Lunch – Hummus on white toast (1/2 to 1) with broccoli. Hummus is a great non-meat and non-dairy protein – no cooking required
  • Snack 2 – Handful of corn puffs and a beaker of milk
  • Dinner – Shepherd’s pie (made with carrot, mushroom and minced meat or lentils) with green beans. Use ramekins to make mini portions that can be individually stored and heated up


  • Breakfast – Wholemeal toast fingers (1/2 to 1 slice) and soft boiled eggs
  • Snack 1 – Handful of frozen yoghurt coated blueberries. Dip blueberries in yoghurt and freeze for a healthy treat. You may want to let the blueberries defrost a little before giving them to your little one
  • Lunch – Pitta pizzas with veg (like peppers, spinach or mushrooms) and a small handful of cheese. Get your toddler to make their own for added fun
  • Snack 2 – 1/4 to 1/2 mashed avocado with a few little tortilla triangles and a beaker of milk
  • Dinner – A mild korma curry made with chicken or chickpeas with cauliflower, potatoes, red peppers, yoghurt and naan bread. Use mini pitta pockets to make little naan style breads


  • Breakfast – Homemade pancakes with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. For flour-free pancakes, mix egg with mashed banana and fry
  • Snack 1 – Slices of apple or pear with a beaker of milk
  • Lunch – Picnic style lunch with cheese and ham sandwiches and little pieces of veg to pick at such as peeled cucumber sticks
  • Snack 2 – 1/4 to 1 crumpet with butter and a beaker of milk
  • Dinner – Homemade beef and potato casserole with root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips and turnip. In the morning, stick everything in the slow cooker and it’ll be ready to serve by dinner


  • Breakfast – Eggy bread and cooked tomatoes with a beaker of milk. For a sweet breakfast, swap the tomatoes with blueberries
  • Snack 1 – Make a fruit face with chopped strawberries and banana. Serve with a beaker of milk, and 1/2 to 1 rice cake
  • Lunch – 1-3 small thin slices of roast chicken or nut roast with potatoes, mixed green veg, carrot and low salt gravy
  • Snack 2 – Homemade frozen fruit 'sorbet'. Freeze bananas or tinned fruit and whizz them up for DIY sorbet
  • Dinner – Crudité platter of sticks of carrot, celery, cucumber and pepper strips with hummus or homemade white bean dip. For younger toddlers, steam the vegetables until suitably soft
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