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Wellness Studio

Helping you thrive before,
during & post-pregnancy

The Wellness Plan designed for your stage, body and mind

  • Preconception exercise plans
  • Pregnancy exercises
  • Postpartum exercises
  • Meditation and much more

We have partnered with award-winning health and wellbeing coaching app Baby2Body to bring you stage based tailored plans to help you stay active before, during and post pregnancy.


With your Baby2Body plan you’ll:


Stay safe with expert-led, tailored content


Reach your fitness goals with stage-specific workouts


Find calm with meditations & breathwork exercises


Loving the Wellness Studio?

Access your full plan in the Baby2Body app

  • Over 500 workouts from strength to prenatal yoga
  • Breathwork and mindful journaling
  • A weekly meal plan with all of the nutrition you & baby need

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Preparing for

We all know that eating a nutrient rich diet and getting regular exercise is good for you, but did you know that having a healthy lifestyle can also improve your fertility. Regular exercise improves physical fitness and decreases stress levels — all important factors when trying to conceive. Having a preconception diet and exercise plan as well as focusing on meditation and wellness will all help to improve your healthy lifestyle and help you prepare for pregnancy. Try the wellness studio for preconception exercises tailored to you.

Pregnancy exercise
and wellness

A healthy lifestyle is vital during pregnancy to help your baby develop and grow. The more you exercise during pregnancy - the easier it will be for you to adapt to the growing demands on your body. If you were not active before you got pregnant, don't suddenly take up strenuous exercise. You will need to start slow and gradually increase your activity. Speak to your GP or midwife for guidance if you are unsure. Pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates, cardio and strength training are great pregnancy workouts but knowing how far you can push yourself can be difficult to judge. That's why Baby2Body's team of experts have put together exercises and wellness videos suitable for every stage of pregnancy, why not try a plan tailored to you.

Postpartum exercise
and wellness

Being active may be the last thing on your mind when you're feeling tired, but postnatal exercise can relax you, keep you fit and actually give you more energy. Postnatal exercise can also help your body recover after childbirth and may help prevent postnatal depression, according to the NHS1. Pelvic floor exercises after birth can help you heal quicker and strengthen those muscles to help prevent leaks.

Before you do any exercise, you'll need to get the green light from your GP at your 6-8 week check-up. If you've had a caesarean they may advise you to wait a little longer. Knowing how to exercise after birth safely can be tricky. Baby2Body’s team of experts have put together postpartum workouts suitable for each week after giving birth including wellness and meditation videos for the early weeks. Why not try a postpartum exercise plan tailored to you.


Baby2Body’s guide to staying safe and
well while exercising

  • If you're not used to regular exercise, speak to your GP first (or midwife if you're pregnant).
  • Start off slowly and build up if you're able to. Aim for about 30 minutes of gentle exercise each day.
  • If you decide to go to an exercise class, let the instructor know you are pregnant.
  • If you're pregnant choose activities that are easy on your joints, swimming whilst pregnant is a great way to keep in shape, or even pregnancy aqua-aerobics. There's pregnancy yoga too.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your workout.
  • Warm up for at least 5 minutes before any exercise to slowly raise your heart rate and prevent injury to your joints. Marching in place, doing dynamic stretches, or walking on an inclined treadmill are great warm-ups.
  • Cool down for 5-10 minutes to slowly bring your heart rate down, and help prevent injury or post-workout dizziness. Light yoga and stretching are great cool-downs.
  • Don't push yourself too hard. Stop if you experience any pain, discomfort or dizziness. You should still be able to have a conversation as you exercise.
  • If you're pregnant don't exercise in heated rooms - for example Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga are practiced in very hot rooms so are unadvised.