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Mother of all Checklists FAQs


  • What is The Mother of all Checklists?

    The Mother of All Checklists is a web app that helps you organise your life during pregnancy and up to the first 36 months after birth. It’s based on the experiences of other new parents, or parents-to-be. It lets you draw up checklists of tasks to help you focus on what’s really important during pregnancy and those first few months after birth.

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  • Who is the app for?

    Our Mother of All Checklists app is for anyone on the parenting journey. From mums and mums to be, to dads and carers too. But if you think grandparents, aunties and uncles may find it useful then why not share it with them too.

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  • How do I get the app?

    "You can find the Mother Of All Checklists by clicking here:

    It’s best viewed on a smartphone, so it can always be close to hand. But a desktop or tablet is fine too. You won’t find the Mother of All Checklists in app stores, but once opened on your mobile, you can always add it to your home screen so it’s there whenever you need it. "

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  • How do I save the app to my home screen on mobile?

    "Saving the app to your home screen is a great way to access it quickly, and easily. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, open Safari and Head to Mother of All Checklists, or click here: At the bottom of your screen you’ll see some icons, tap the share button (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up). A new menu will appear, if you scroll across the icons at the bottom you’ll see one with a ‘+’ sign in it called ‘Add to Home Screen’ tap this. Now all you have to do is tap ‘add’ in the top right corner and voila! You’ll see the new app appear on your home screen.

    If you have an Android phone open your usual browser and head to Mother of All Checklists or click here: If you’re using Chrome, tap the Menu button (this looks like 3 lines stacked on each other). Now tap ‘Add to Home Screen’.

    If you’re using the Android browser, tap on ‘create bookmark’ then on ‘Add to’ and select ‘Home Screen’ from the dropdown menu. And that’s it, you’ll find Mother of all Checklists on your home screen. "

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  • Does the app offer medical advice

    The app is here to help parents and parents-to-be through other parents experiences, those who have been there, done it and probably still wearing the baby food/milk/or worse! on their t-shirts. So it doesn’t offer medical advice, of course you know your baby better than anyone, so if you have a niggling worry then always trust your instincts and see a healthcare professional.

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  • How much is the app?

    Good news! It’s free, you don’t have to pay anything

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  • How do I download it?

    The Mother of All Checklists is a web app, so there’s no need to download it. Just click this link and you’ll be taken there:

    It’s best viewed on a smartphone, so it can always be close to hand. But a desktop or tablet is fine too. Once opened on your mobile you can add it to your home screen so you can use it when you’re offline.

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  • What are the benefits of using The Mother of All Checklists?

    The Mother of All Checklists is like having a friend to help you think clearly and stay on top of stuff. Because it’s based on the experiences of other parents, it will let you create lists to help you focus on what’s really important during pregnancy and up to the first 36 months after birth. The right information, just when you need it.

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  • Why am I seeing offensive content?

    We are very sorry about that, there should be no offensive content on our site, please let us know by contacting our SMA® Careline team should you come across anything offensive and we will address it immediately.

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  • When do I need Mother of All Checklists?

    Mother of All Checklists can be helpful during all three trimesters of pregnancy, as well as the first 36 months after birth. For example, use it to learn the best questions to ask during your first scan, or how others deal with their toddlers testing their newly found independence.

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  • How do I create my own checklist?

    There are a couple of ways. If you’d like some ideas there are ready-made lists, based on the most popular suggestions from other parents and parents-to-be. Open one and you can customise it by adding your own tasks, or choose some of the suggested tasks to add. If you wish to create a brand new list, tap on the pink ‘+’ button in the navigation bar and select ‘add checklist’ and you can start creating one of your own.

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  • How do I discover checklists?

    Discover checklists by clicking the button in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to find the ‘Explore’ section. This displays all the lists available, to make finding what you need easier, they’re grouped into different stages – the three pregnancy trimesters and the first 36 months of your baby’s life. As a head start, they’re in order of how popular they are with other parents and parents-to-be.

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  • I’d like to set a target date. How do I do that?

    You can set your target dates when you create or edit a task on your list. Just swipe left or tap on the three dots on the right of your screen and it will take you to the task menu. Then just tap ‘set date’ and you’re all done.

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  • How do I delete a checklist?

    If you wish to delete a checklist, head to ‘My Saved Lists’ and tap on the bookmark icon. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete. Don’t worry if you confirm by accident, a message will appear letting you undo the damage…phew!

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  • How do I edit a checklist?

    If you want to change or add to your checklists you can edit them anytime. To edit your tasks just swipe left on them, or tap the three dots on the right. If you wish to add more tasks to your list, just tap the ‘+’ button (found bottom right) and you can add a new task.

    If you fancy a name change for your checklist or want to give it a new category, then click the ‘Edit’ button, which you’ll find on the top of the checklist near the title.

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  • How can I make sure my lists are saved?

    Keep your checklists safe by making sure you’re signed-in whenever you visit and they’ll be saved to your account so you can view them whenever you need them.

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  • Can I set up reminders?

    Yes, setting reminders is a great idea, especially in those early weeks when sleep deprivation can make remembering things more of a challenge. Firstly make sure you’ve enabled email reminders in your profile.

    Then, when you set target dates for your tasks or for your checklists you will receive a reminder by email.

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  • What kind of reminder do I get?

    You will receive email reminders on a weekly basis to let you know of tasks that have a target date that is coming up.

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  • Why do some checklists have images

    To get you started and give you ideas for your own checklists, we’ve ready-made some for you. Whilst other checklists have been created based on the most popular amongst other users.

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  • What happens when I complete one of the 'make time for yourself' actions?

    Being fully focused on baby means self-care is often the last thing on our lists. Our ‘make time for yourself’ actions give you a chance to put yourself back on the list and take a little time out just for you. For every one you do, you’ll get a well done message and a new action should show up.

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  • I have created a checklist how can I publish it to the app for other mums to use?

    Fantastic, you’ve created a new checklist you want to share, but how? If you wish to share with friends, just click the share button and choose how you wish to share. However, the checklists you see published don’t belong to a single person, but are collated from the most popular tasks that other parents have on their checklists.

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