How to toddler-proof your home

As soon as your toddler is able to stand, it’s time to do a check around the home for hazards

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Toddlers are still unsteady on their feet so use stair gates and padding on sharp corners

As they start climbing, move furniture away from windows and use window locks


Keep objects in the kitchen locked up or out of reach from grabbing hands

Remove objects and substances that can be dangerous if put in their mouths

Toddlers are particularly prone to falls when learning to walk. They may be unsteady on their feet, but can move very quickly. So stay one step ahead of them and toddler-proof your home with these injury prevention tips.

  • Use stair gates on stairs until your toddler can use them confidently
  • Put padding on sharp corners and keep floors clear of toys and other objects they could trip over
  • Soon they’ll be climbing. Time to move furniture away from windows and fit safety locks to windows to prevent them from falling out
  • Put safety film over glass patio doors to stop it from shattering
  • Cover garden ponds with a strong cover, such as a metal grid, and always empty paddling pools after use

Toddler proofing checklist

Now that your little one is standing tall, many things previously out of reach are now easy to grab – especially when they hit those growth spurts.

  • Put pans at the back of the cooker with the handles turned in when you are cooking and make sure fires and radiators are covered with a fireguard
  • Child safety locks are cheap and easy to fit on drawers and cupboards
  • Never leave hot drinks where your toddler could grab them


Your little one is still exploring the world by putting things in their mouths. So, it’s important to keep an eye out for new potential poisons and choking hazards.

  • Keep all medicines, household cleaners, garden chemicals and sharp objects like scissors and nail files locked away or well out of your toddler’s reach. Don’t rely on childproof tops on bottles to keep your toddler safe
  • Make sure small objects, such as coins, jewellery or beads, are out of your toddler’s reach. And remember to check your handbag for this type of thing too as they might look in there

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