WEEK 9: Your baby can almost see
Your baby’s optic nerve is now almost developed and they’ve even started reacting to light. Meanwhile you might have gone off your favourite foods. Find out about hormonal changes.

9 weeks pregnant: Pregnancy tips and nutrition

At a glance

At nine weeks pregnant, it’s common to have some strange cravings

Opt for healthy snacks


Speak to your midwife or GP about getting the right calorie intake

The more you read your maternity notes, the less complex they will feel

Arms and legs are growing, elbows are forming, and lots of tiny fingers and toes are taking shape.

The first muscles are now in place, and your baby is starting to move a little, albeit involuntarily. Arms and legs are growing, elbows are forming, and lots of tiny fingers and toes are taking shape. All the visual equipment is coming along nicely too. The optic nerve is almost functional, and has started to react to differences in light ever so slightly. So, lots of little changes for your little one this week.

Your body

Is your sense of taste and smell playing tricks on you? Things you loved pre-pregnancy may not seem quite so nice now. Your favourite perfume might make you cringe. And you might find out that craving pickles is more than just a pregnancy cliché. This is because your hormone levels have changed, and this can have an effect on your sense of smell and taste. You may also experience the exact opposite of cravings, where you just don’t fancy anything.


If you are getting hungry between meals, make sure you’re not eating snacks that are high in fat and/or sugar. Try healthier options like humous with wholemeal pitta bread or vegetable sticks. Keep in mind that you don’t need to add an extra 200 calories to your daily diet until the third trimester. If you’re having twins, triplets or more, you’ll need a higher number of calories. So ask your midwife for a recommended daily intake.

Pregnancy tips

This week is a great time to start getting your head around all those abbreviations you’ll see in your maternity notes. Don’t worry if it looks like another language at first, we’ll help you make sense of it all before baby arrives.

Find out more about understanding your maternity notes

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Important advice to mothers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. SMA® Nutrition fully supports this and continued breastfeeding, along with the introduction of complementary foods as advised by your healthcare professional.


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